Here you will find conversion kits for the electrification of the headlight range control and replacement kits for the hydraulic headlight range control.


Now there is also an aLWR, i.e. automatic headlight range adjustment.
You can find them here: aLWR

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We offer conversion kits for most vehicles:

Conversion kits with new motors, a new round rotary switch and a new cable set (149 to 419 euros incl. 19% VAT)

There is a very comprehensive, easy-to-understand and illustrated installation guide for all conversion kits!

Special: For a few (French) vehicles we still have a few remaining items of a hydraulic universal headlight range control in stock (69, – Euro incl. 19% VAT).

We’ll answer all your questions about headlamp leveling (LWR) here

Easy lighting
– permanent! –

From the year of construction 1990, headlight range regulation is required by law.

Frequently asked questions about our conversion kits

Does the conversion kit really fit my vehicle or do I need new headlights?

I have questions about the repair of the hydraulic headlight range control, can you help me here?

My vehicle is not listed, is there no conversion kit for it? Can you create one?


Until the middle of 2007 the non-functioning at the TÜV was still a minor defect and the vehicle nevertheless received a badge. But since July 1st, 2007 the guideline has been changed so that since then the non-functioning of the LWR has been classified as a serious defect and the vehicle is therefore denied the badge for this reason alone.

Where for?

The conversion kits offered here are intended for vehicles whose hydraulic LWR is defective and which should therefore be replaced with electric motors.
We also offer customized hydraulic conversion kits for a few vehicles so that repairs can be carried out at the lowest possible cost, but we do not recommend this.


here have also been attempts to repair (fill with new liquid), but this is usually only crowned with short-term success (a few hours or days).
For this reason, converting to electrical function is a permanent solution. This electrical solution is also ahead when it comes to cost comparison.