Automatic headlight range control (ALWR)

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Conversion to electric automatic LWR – headlight range control for various vehicles

This conversion kit is among other things required for imported vehicles or for retrofitting LED or xenon headlights. Until around the end of 2018, Hella provided a universal aLWR retrofit kit (8XX 010 315-001), which unfortunately is no longer manufactured and sold by Hella. As the demand for an automatic headlight range control still is very large I decided to develop an ALWR myself. This ALWR (automatic headlight range control) is specially designed for vehicles with xenon or LED headlights, in which the light source of a headlight has a target luminous flux of 2000 Lumens exceeds. According to the legislator, these vehicles no longer allow the headlight range to be regulated manually from the interior.
This ALWR retrofit is mostly used for vehicles imported from abroad that do not have the appropriate automatic headlight range control were delivered and are therefore not eligible for approval in Germany without adjustment. Corresponding servomotors must of course be able to be mounted on the headlamp.

  • Somewhere on the back of the headlamp there should be a knob that can be used to manually adjust the headlamp beam by turning it.
    If you remove this knob, an LWR servomotor should be used in the same place instead so that the control can then be carried out electrically.
    After removing the manual adjustment, the “installation hole” should look like the last picture with the 3 recesses arranged in a circle.

You should therefore contact me before buying and send a few good photos from the back of the headlight and the removed manual adjuster on the headlight by email!

  • It should also be noted that the function of the ultrasonic sensor is only guaranteed in the range from 22 cm to 100 cm, so the vehicle should be within this range with its ground clearance.

The installation and subsequent calibration of the electronics is very simple and can also be done by an inexperienced layperson, provided you have a current tester and can handle it.


The automatic headlight range control automatically regulates the angle of inclination in all loading conditions. to create a constant light range and not to dazzle oncoming traffic.

The ultrasonic sensor used is attached at the level of the rear axle and provides the electronics I have developed with corresponding pulses over the distance to the road, so that the electronics then regulate the servomotors and thus the headlight range accordingly.

After successful calibration of the LWR, the saved setting values are retained even when the battery is disconnected.


The calibration is kept extremely simple.

The headlights are adjusted using the “Up” / “Down” buttons and then the correct setting is saved by pressing “Save”.

Important NOTE:

The retrofitting of the vehicle is subject to registration (TÜV / DEKRA or similar)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 electronic control (interface)
  • 1 ultrasonic sensor
  • 2 Hella servomotors
  • Illustrated detailed installation instructions
  • Ready-made cable set with assembled
  • confusion-proof plugs
    From that:

    • 5m supply line to the ultrasonic sensor
    • 2.5 m supply cable for driver side driver
    • 2.1 m power cable from driver’s side to passenger’s side
    • 0.2 m power connection (ground and 12 volts)

This aLWR installation kit contains everything you need for the conversion.

The installation time is about 2 to 3 hours.

Vehicles converted so far:

BMW – E32
Chrysler – Pacifica
Dodge – Durango
Dodge – Challenger
Ford – Ranger Limited
Hymer – Camper
Mazda – CX9
Mercedes Benz – G-Modell

Mercedes Benz – SL R129
Mercedes Benz – SL R230
Porsche – 996 – 997
Toyota – Sienna
VW T4 – ProjectZwo
VW T5 – ProjectZwo
VW T6 – ProjectZwo
Yamaha – XT1200Z

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