The conversion kits from the LWR-Shop

The abbreviation “LWR” in this shop is used for “light range control”.

Since 2005 we have only been dealing with headlight range controls for motor vehicles.After various tests, we have developed conversion kits and adaptations for most motor vehicles.

In this way, the hydraulic or pneumatic LWR actuation that was originally installed and quite susceptible to faults on various vehicles could be electrified and the functionality of the LWR restored and significantly extended.

As well you can also hope to find a replacement for LWR servomotors that can no longer be ordered from the vehicle manufacturer because their production has ended.

Depending on the possibility, we also make adjustments to “third-party” LWR actuators so that they can also be used in your vehicle and thus ensure that the LWR adjustment works properly.

You will find all the conversion and repair kits available on the left, sorted by vehicle manufacturer.

If the vehicle type you are looking for is not listed, simply ask, preferably with a picture of the old LWR adjuster and the back of the headlights.

Maybe we will have a suitable solution for you.