Our customers often ask the same questions. To help you quickly, we have compiled the most common questions here.
Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

If your vehicle is currently equipped with hydraulic adjustment, the headlights can of course continue to be used. The motors of the conversion kits are mounted instead of the hydr. adjusters in the same place.

However, if you have an “export model” and the hydr. Headlight range control is not installed or is present, you should check the back of the headlight to see whether there is already a fastening for the adjuster here and whether it is closed with a cover. If so, you can of course continue to use the headlights, if not you also need new headlights.

Type MB 1224 and similar headlights:

If you remove the headlight and the (old hydraulic) adjustment looks like the picture then this conversion kit will fit your vehicle: Conversion kit for Mercedes Benz 1224

Type MB T1 or T2 or T2N or T2W (Vario) or Unimog (Headlights are all identical):

If the headlight has a plastic housing on the back and the (old hydraulic) adjustment looks like this picture then this conversion kit will fit your vehicle: MB T1, T2, T2N, T2W (Vario) or Unimog

Unfortunately, no! Since questions about “repairs” and “repairs” are asked again and again, I have put together the necessary information here if you want to do this to yourself!


This description is intended rather as a “deterrent”. The repair is so complicated and difficult that it can only be advised against. Especially since a temporary success is more of a coincidence …

Not yet, but that doesn’t have to mean anything. Please send me a short request via email [info@lwr-shop.de]. Be sure to include a few good photos from the back of the headlamp for the first review:

  • The rear of the headlight, the hydraulic adjuster and its attachment should be clearly visible.
  • Vehicle interior so that you can see the dashboard and the place where the orig. LWR switch is installed.

I will then contact you. A “special order”, if possible, is not more expensive than the conversion kits I offer.