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Mercedes-Benz W 638 (Vito / V-Class) (LWR) used conversion kit B.MES.19G.RSOLSTD

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The W 638 series was produced by Mercedes-Benz as a van and minibus. It was sold as a commercial vehicle under
the Vito name, see Mercedes-Benz vans, and in the passenger car segment as a V-Class, see Mercedes-Benz cars.

It is the successor to the MB 100. The W 638 has a transversely installed front engine and is driven by the front wheels. It was produced at the Vitoria-Gasteiz plant in Spain from 1996 to 2003. The successor is the 639 series. In 1996 the Vito was voted Van of the Year.

The Vito is the commercial vehicle from the W 638 – 638/1 series.
However, the more comfortable variant of the series is the V-Class.

Technically, the variants are almost identical, but the V-Class is better noise-insulated and comes with air suspension for the rear axle as standard, which was only available as an option on the Vito.

The variants differ optically, among other things. on the headlights, radiator grille, texturing of the rear lights and the exterior mirrors (larger and unpainted on the Vito).

The Vito name is derived from Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain, where the vehicle models are manufactured.
The vehicle was originally intended to be marketed as Vitoria, but Seat had had the name protected for its own use.

The headlight range control of the V-Class is accomplished by ENR (level lift) on the rear axle.
However, there are usually problems with the level lift, so that it is converted to conventional shock absorbers.
This of course means that the headlight range adjustment required for the TÜV is missing.

This can be remedied by retrofitting to Vito headlights that are controlled by an LWR.
Here you have the choice:
You can install the original pneumatic LWR from the Vito or the electrical variant offered here.

The two following LWR control conversion kits are intended for the Vito headlights from the years 1996 to 2003.
Of course, it doesn’t matter whether these headlights are installed in a Vito or in the V-Class.

Used conversion kit B.MES.19G.RSOLSTD

Ready-made electrical LWR conversion kitas a replacement for the hydraulic headlight range control, consisting of:

  • 2 used servomotors
  • 1 used LWR switch for the interior
  • very detailed illustrated installation instructions
  • Various installation materials
  • 1 cable set (new and suitably assembled)

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