Volvo 700 / 900 (LWR) 2 servomotors

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Volvo 740 from 1990 – Volvo 760 from 1990 – Volvo 940 all models – Volvo 960I to 1994
If your servomotor corresponds to the Bosch servomotor shown, the new servomotor will fit.
These servomotors are unfortunately no longer available from Bosch so that only a complete exchange can be offered here.
Since the electronics in the servomotor differ between the old Bosch and the new Hella servomotor, simply replacing one of the two servomotors does not work.
In addition, the interior switch cannot handle the electronics of the new switch, so you will also need a new switch.
Since the new switch has different installation dimensions than the original switch, the following solution is available:
Leave the old switch without any further function or replace it with a dummy cover.
You then install the new switch somewhere below the dashboard in the panel.
Unfortunately there is no other solution.
(The indicated price therefore also refers to 2 servomotors and a new switch for the interior.)

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