Saab 900-I (LWR) servomotor

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The Saab 900 I (1978–1994) is a mid-range model from the Swedish manufacturer Saab, which was produced in two generations from summer 1978 to early 1994.

There were different body styles for both model variants: a three- and five-door station wagon and a two- or four-door sedan with a notchback (called Sedan). From autumn 1986 it was produced as a convertible based on the two-door sedan.

Saab 900 I (1978–1994) (1st series developed by Saab before GM takeover)
If your servomotor corresponds to the Bosch servomotor shown, the new servomotor will fit.
Unfortunately, these servomotors are no longer available from Bosch so that only a complete exchange can be offered here. Since the electronics in the servomotor differ between the old Bosch and the new Hella servomotor, the replacement of only one of the servomotors will probably not work!
The running times of the adjustment are not the same due to the different electronics!
(The given price therefore also refers to 2 servomotors.)

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