Saab 900-2 (LWR) servomotor

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Saab 900 II (NG, 1993-1998)

The second series of the 900 was the first Saab model manufactured under General Motors’ direction when it appeared in the summer of 1993. Many parts from other GM models were used in production, for example large parts of the floor pan of the Opel Vectra A. The exterior of the car was similar to the first 900, but the distinctive body edges were now slightly rounded. Technically, the most noticeable change compared to the predecessor was that the engine was now installed transversely, the gearbox was now on the left of the machine. The more compact drive led to improved space in the interior.

From the summer of 1994, the Saab 900 II was also offered as a convertible.

273,568 copies of the 900 II were made.

Saab 900 II (NG, 1993-1998) manufactured under the direction of General Motors.
If your servomotor corresponds to the Hella servomotor shown, the new servomotor will fit.
Unfortunately, these servomotors are no longer available to buy new from Hella, so that only a complete exchange can be offered here. Since the electronics in the servomotor differ between the old and the new Hella servomotor, the replacement of only one of the servomotors will probably not work!
The running times of the adjustment are not the same due to the different electronics!
(The given price therefore also refers to 2 servomotors.)

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